The company is one of the most innovative and rapidly growing companies in an absolute trend market and is an Austrian company. The company was founded in 1996 and is an absolute market leader in Austria.


Our business culture is the highest quality and a unique, highly efficient, absolutely ethical and multi award winning business concept. It is a privately owned company and thus independent of stock market and external companies. The average growth of 30% per annum through the last 6 years, gives you a strong partner at your side. For this reason, the company is also repeatedly emphasized in business magazines (Business, Gewinn, ...).


The unrivaled company is now on european expansion, because the trend markets organic, health, wellness, sustainability and ethics are in demand throughout Europe. The market in Spain, Italy and Switzerland has long been strong in growing. Well opportunities for you are Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain and Scandinavia.


  • Trigos Award 2010 - Oscar of sustainability
  • Member of the Economic Senate
  • 20 years own research and development
  • Finalist Entrepreneur 2013
  • Hidden Champion 3.0
  • Austrian Climate Protection price 
  • many more international awards